What Is MyCulinaryLab?

It's where learning and cooking fundamentals intersect!

Here's what one of our culinary instructors had to say:

"My class has been using myculinarylab for the last few weeks with good results. Some students, who learn better visually and are slower than some of the other students, feel that it is a great help to them."

MyCulinaryLab is a state-of-the-art interactive and instructive solution for the culinary arts, designed to be used as a supplement to a traditional lecture course. MyCulinaryLab gives you and your students access to a wealth of resources all geared to meet the individual teaching and learning needs of every instructor and every student.

Combining an eText, video, audio, simulations, a variety of quizzes, exams, and more, MyCulinaryLab engages students and gives them the tools they need to enhance their performance in your course.

Appropriate Courses

MyCulinaryLab is appropriate for use in introductory cooking courses.

Features and Benefits

Students can explore important culinary concepts by watching relevant video clips, performing interactive activities, and completing a variety of self-assessment quizzes and exams.

MyCulinaryLab features a variety of videos that allow students to see how key processes are executed. Some videos are accompanied by quizzes to further challenge students and test them on what they've just viewed.

Chapter Quizzes can be graded, or they can be used as self-assessment tools for students to test their understanding of the material and concepts in the textbook.

A link to the On Cooking (Labensky et al.) catalogue page is provided so instructors can easily access the supplements that support this textbook.